How do you remove/clean wax from your burner?

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There are two methods that I recommend to remove wax from your burner:-

Cotton Wool Method

Firstly make sure your tealight candle has been extinguished, then gently place 1-2 cotton wool balls or pads in the dish and wait for the wax to soaked up.  Carefully remove the waxy cotton pads and place in the bin.  Finish by wiping the dish with a clean cotton wool ball or tissue, to ensure all the old wax has been removed.

How to remove wax from your ceramic burner with cotton wool


Pop Out Method

This is my favourite method as it is so clean and simple to do.  Heat the cooled wax in your burner for approximately 1 minute, just long enough to melt the bottom layer of the wax.  Then gently push the wax around the edges of the dish to release and it should pop out in a solid piece of wax.  Wipe the dish with a clean cotton wool ball or tissue before adding your new wax melt.

How to remove wax from your ceramic burner in one piece

Now it's time to sit back and enjoy your favourite wax melt scents from the Memory Essence Collection.


Never use a knife to scrape the wax out of the dish as this can cause damage. 

Always ensure your burner it is completely dry when using and never use water with wax melts.

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