Mother's Day Wax Melt Snap Bar Gift Box Set

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This beautifully wax melt snap bar gift set includes four amazing scents from the Memory Essence collection.  Each highly scented wax melt snap bar is individually wrapped in cellophane and displayed in these beautiful silver glitter MUM boxes and presentation in our Memory Essence pink gift box.  Also included within this wax melt gift set is a special 15% discount code* off your next purchase.  

Wax melt scents included are:  Velvet Rose, Goddess, Peony & Blush Suede and Angel Wings.

Please see individual listings for allergen information.

The perfect gift for Mother's Day.

Mothers Day Wax Melt Snap Bar Gift Set  Wax Melt Snap Bar Gift Set for Mothers Day  Beautifully presented Mothers Day Wax Melt Gift Set

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