"Thank You" Wax Melt Gift Sets

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I can't believe there are only around six more weeks until the end of the school year!  How quickly this year has flown by.  Many of you will be looking for the best teachers gifts for your children's teacher and here at Memory Essence we have a wonderful range of highly scented wax melt gifts to suit all pockets. 

Starting with our Luxury Wax Melt Heart Boxes at £2.50 each.  These beautiful boxes are all handcrafted and come with 4 wax melt hearts.  You can choose from one scent or a random selection of 4 different scents.  Each one comes with a 10% discount code to use on your next purchase of our luxury wax melts.

 Thank you Wax Melt Gift Set

Wax Melt Starter Selection Gift Set

This beautifully Wax Melt Snap Bar Selection Gift Set includes five amazing perfume inspired scents.  Each highly scented wax melt snap bar is individually wrapped in cellophane and displayed in this presentation box alongside 3 x 4 hour tealights and a special 15% discount code* off your next purchase.  

Scents included in this set are Belle, Classic, Etta, Love Potion & Olympia.

Perfume Inspired Wax Melt Snap Bar Selection Starter Gift Set

Wax Melt Starter Gift Set

The Memory Essence Wax Melt Starter Gift Set is the perfect "Thank You" gift and comes with its own plastic wax melt storage container, a wax melt ceramic burner, tealights and 8 different wax melt hearts for the recipient to experience. Also included is a 10% discount code off your next purchase. Available in three colours - white, pink and grey all for £15.95.

Wax Melt Thank You Starter Gift Sets

Luxury Wax Melt Snap Bar & Burner Gift Set

For a more luxurious gift set why not take a look at our Memory Essence Luxury Wax Melt Snap Bar & Burner Starter Gift Set, with beautiful black ribbon detail.  This set includes 4 wax melt snap bars and eight different heart wax melts, giving you a total 12 different scents to fill your home with amazing aromas.  This gift set all also includes a 15% discount off your next purchase. All the boxes are handmade and are presented beautifully in our Memory Essence packaging, all for £24.95.

Memory Essence Luxury Wax Melt Snap Bar & Burner Starter Gift Set - Black Bow Design

Make Your Own Wax Melt Gift Set

We have these lovely Memory Essence Gift bags for £2.50 which means you can create your own gift set, which is perfect if you want something that looks amazing but keeps within your budget.

Memory Essence Wax Melt Gift Bag

We are always adding new wax melt gift set collections to our range, so make sure you visit our website at www.memoryessence.co.uk and look under "Wax Melt Gift Sets".

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